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Amazing Goof Up on NOVA TV Program

Physicists Falsely Claim Quantum Mechanics has Never Been Proven Wrong

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On the evening of November 21, 2011, NOVA presented a TV program in which physicists made the claim the Quantum Mechanics was never been proven wrong. This is a false claim.

They began by describing how Quantum Mechanics theory was based on the Bohr atom model. In this model, the electron moves in a circular path around the atom in a stable state. The state energy decreases as the radius increases at fixed intervals. The energy radiated when going from a higher energy state to a lower energy state is correlated to the measured Rydberg radiation frequencies. Therefore, the radius of the orbit increases without limit. Although this is not possible because the atom hardly changes size at all, Bohr's model was accepted due to the radiation frequency correlations.

Even Bohr admitted that his theory is abstract and does not fully conform to reality. In fact, he believed that all of nature is abstract! However, today's physicists seem to have overlooked this huge problem. In other words, this is a huge BONER! If they continue to make such claims, they will lose all credibility, since this is a rather huge mistake.

From my earlier readings of physics theory, I recall that Quantum Mechanics moved toward energy physics rather than mechanical physics precisely because of this problem. No one has been able to solve this problem, so I spent a great deal of time and energy in trying to solve it. It took years, but I have been able to establish a new model of the atom in which there are TWO inherent frequencies of oscillation! On frequency varies in accordance with the Rydberg frequencies, while the other is the binding energy of the atom. Fortunately, the size of the atom varies but little in this new model, and all radiation correlates to measured data. You will find further information on this in my latest book, The Birth of an Atom , which describes how matter is created in the universe. An electron and a proton combine to form a hydrogen atom.

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