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Questions and Answers - page 2
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Questions from interested visitors, answered by Dr. V (cont.)

Q4: This morning I was studying Chapter Vl in the Book Secrets of the Atom {A new model of the atom}. I was also studying 'The Proof" on page 63,64. This is a neat derivation of E=mc{c}. I like the way you take newtons second law of motion for the inertial force setting it equal to the coulomb force. Then as the electron moves toward the proton finding the energy by integrating the coulomb force time the distance r. This is very good! And easy for me to understand! I remember when I was at JR College{3 year college} after high school, I was trying to understand the derivation of E=mc{c}. I used F=d{mv}/dt. Then multiplied both sides by dx. To get energy. Then instead of the mass being constant {F=m{dv/dt} } I let it stay a variable in the equation, then using the relativistic mass equation
m= m[0]/1-v{v}/c{c} to the minus 1/2, you differentiate this equation, rearrange terms, and plug this into Fdx=mvdv+v{v}dm. You can show mvdv =[c{c}-v{v}]dm, by differentiating the Relativistic mass equation, solving it and its differential for the rest mass m{0}, then setting them = to each other, and rearranging terms. Fdx=[c{c}-v{v}]dm+v{v}dm. Fdx=c{c}dm After integrating: Fdx=mc{c}-m{0}c{c} m{0}=rest mass Thus: Fdx+m{0}c{c}=mc{c} The Kinetic energy +rest energy=total energy. A long way around, but I guess it help my curiosity! I am still studying you book' Secrets of the Atom!

[now comes the [my] question] On page 135 of Secrets of the Atom. Chapter XVI, A Universal sea of electricity. The second paragraph states;

"The strong electrical forces within the atom are of such a great comparative magnitude to those of mechanical force that it is easy to perceive how the gravitational force can result from the nonlinear forces of space. A new gravitational
force equation, based on this principle, had been proposed in my earlier book. Several additions have been added to the new model of the atom in this book."

What does this statement mean? Is the gravitational force referred to in this statement the one that keeps the planets around the sun? What does it mean:

"...that it is easy to perceive how the gravitational force can result from the nonlinear forces of space. "

What is this saying? What are the nonlinear
forces of Space?

A4: The Coulomb attractive force between opposite electric charges is far, far greater than the gravitational force between them (you will find details about this in "The Secret of Gravity"). Yes, this is the type of force between planets and the sun. Both gravitation and electric forces are nonlinear. For instance, in the far field they vary inversely with the second power.

Q4a: Mr Weldon: Are you saying that the gravity that holds the planets
around the sun is the result of these electrical forces in atoms?

A4a: Exactly!

Q4b: If this is so: with all the nuclear fusion that's going on in the sun,
wouldn't that disrupt the gravitational field around the sun?

A4b: We really don't know much about the characteristics about nuclear particles. The physics community seems to insist that the only way to find out about them is to blast the nucleus apart and see what happens. There probably is a small effect, however. Whether or not it is measurable, I wouldn't know. It depends on the ratio of the material in the blasts, compared to the material in the sun. Both gravitational and electric forces are nonlinear. For instance, in the far field, they vary inversely with the second power.

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