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The Secret of Gravity 


The secret of gravity is revealed in this book. The writing style is simplified for amateur scientists and technicians, with major equations located in the appendices. Dr. Vlasak shows why we must look to inner space rather than outer space for fundamental answers to the riddles of time, space and matter. Here are some examples of the mysteries of science that are examined: This theory is based on electromagnetic fields.

1. Defining matter as an electromagnetic field wave, a problem that Einstein was unable to solve..

2. Why the universe is circular.

3.The size of the universe is estimated on the basis of the Big Bang.

4. Examining inner space, as opposed to outer space.

5. Is there a universal force?

6. Conflicts that exist with present scientific theories.

7. Time plots of dynamic forces between atoms.

8. A new model of gravity based on electric fields.

9. Graphs of atomic orbits and orbitals.

10. Is it possible to exceed the speed of light?

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