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Secrets of the Atom 


Here are some of the things that you will find in this book:

1. A new unified field theory based entirely on electromagnetic fields.

2. A new model of the hydrogen atom, based on an electric field. This is a refinement of the earlier model presented in "The Secret of Gravity" that includes a new force derivation.

3. Einstein's energy equation derived in two short pages! Based onthe new model of the hydrogen atom. This was discovered in the proof of the model, and it turns out to be a rather simple derivation.

4. Graphs of atom orbits and the instantaneous forces between atoms.

5. A plot of the vibrating forces exerted on an electron as it passes in the vicinity of an atom.

6. The bending of the electric field as it moves through space, and the consequences of this important phenomenon.

7. A new radiation model (first presented in an IEEE technical paper: "A New Radiation Model" by Dr. Vlasak). Based on known and accepted measured data.

8. "A Strange Coincidence? What is q? (the electron charge). This question has never before been fully answered!

9. The universe: a sea of electricity.

10. Atoms can transmit and receive information. They are like tiny radio transceivers.

11. Is it possible for electromagnetic field waves to move faster than the speed of light? You may be amazed at how electromagnetic waves truly move in space. The Minkowski interpretation shown to be incorrect.

13. Space: the "Ideal All-Pass Filter". Based on filter theory and the measured field waves of antennas

14. The derivation of the value of Planck's constant from energy levels and the Coulomb constant. An all-electromagnetic expression! You won't find this anywhere else.

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