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Planck's Columbia Lectures

This book is actually two books in one: An unabridged version of Planck's actual lectures, plus an interpreted abridged version that is much easier to understand (Chapter 9). Each lecture is reviewed with comments. This book received a nice review in "Chemical Heritage" magazine.

Those who have difficulty in understanding the complexities of modern quantum physics will be delighted at the material in this book. Did you know that his model of the atom was based on an electronic oscillator? Planck's investigation of thermal radiation is extremely thorough and is described in detail. He was able to derive many of the laws of chemistry and physics from just 6 basic equations from the fields of chemistry and thermodynamics!  Learn the true definitions of energy states and entropy.

Science instructors will find this document a rich source of material and methodology for teaching. Perhaps a lost art. The equations that Planck used are very similar to the mathematics used by electronic engineers! Chemistry instructors would do well to utilize the methods in his second lecture, in which he derived several of the laws of chemistry utilizing primarily just two equations!

Planck's blackbody radiation equation has a (-1) term in the denominator which is more significant than it might seem. Discover how it was derived in this book.

The seventh lecture covers the Principle of Least Action, which allows an analysis of a natural process by its division into elements. He claimed that it might be utilized to resolve the differences between field and matter.

Chapter 8 is a discussion of Einstein's Relativity Theory and the important relationship of the kinetic potential. Probably the best analysis of relativity theory available, including a rare analysis of the relationships to electromagnetic theory.

Chapter 9 is just a little over 100 pages, and it summarizes all of the 8 lectures, 6 of which were dedicated to his radiation theory.

Chapter 10 relates Planck's theory to modern theories utilizing Heaviside/Cauch calculus and shows a time picture of a quantum of energy that you will not see elsewhere! In addition, it is shown that Planck's energy state equation actually represents the spectrum of white noise! You won't find this anywhere else.

Dr. Vlasak: "This is a remarkable case study in scientific methodology for all scientists and engineers! Note that my model of the atom is an electronic circuit model, as was that of Planck. This is the #1 source for information on Planck's electronic model of the atom."

We have received some excellent reviews from readers, ranging from "Very Interesting" to "Brilliant".



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