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The Transverse Wave of an Antenna
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The wave pictures below is the cross-section of the midpoints of a radiating antenna wave traveling along a dipole in the transverse direction toward the left. The analysis of these waves is fundamentally important to the field of physics.


Note the bending of the wave and the straight-line reference planes in the background. It is this bending action that produces the illusion of spherical radiation. This is extremely important to the field of physics since Einstein's theory was based on spherical radiation Such curved lines are derived from the well-proven antenna radiation equation that has been fully tested by measurements and is the full accepted model of electromagnetic radiation.

Transverse radiation has never before been fully defined. This result resolves the long-standing dilemma of electromagnetic radiation having both transverse and spherical properties in which the wavefront is moving in two transverse directions simultaneously. The physics community had adopted the pure spherical model as the standard for radiation, which is the model upon which Einstein's Theory of Relativity was based. In addition to the questions as to the validity of Einstein's theory, the concept of space-time is also resolved and conflicts with the Minkowski definition of space-time. It suggests that it is not space-time that varies with velocity in relativity theory, but rather that the antenna wave is compressing with velocity. These results will change the current views of physics regarding the universe once they are accepted.

Note that the antenna wave reflects backward from the outer end of the antenna, thus creating a similar wave in the reverse direction at a later point in time. These waves interact in space, thus generating the complex patterns of radiation illustrated in my technical paper, "A Different Picture of Radiation", that was presented at the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium 2003. Again note that all of this data was plotted from the accepted actual antenna radiation model equations, so there is very little imagination in the assertions presented here.

My apologies for not having sooner recognized the significance of my paper with regard to Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the resutling consequences.

Dr. Weldon Vlasak


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