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Solving the Mystery of Gravity


A new theory provides the solution to the mystery of gravity:

The hydrogen atom consists of just two electric charges: and electron and a proton. This, then, is an electronic circuit. This is not a new concept. Max Planck based his quantum theory on the atom as an electronic circuit. Dr. Vlasak first began his investigation by analyzing the atom as a rotating electric dipole. The dynamic field of the atom is key to the secret of gravity. Characterizing the field waves of moving dipoles has never before accomplished. Had this been done, the results would have been quite surprising. The static characteristics of the dipole are defined by Coulomb's equation. He reasoned that either the wavefront of the moving field wave must bend, or the speed of light must be exceeded. This is illustrated quite well on the Enigmas and Dilemmas page of this site. The conclusion is obvious: the wavefront does indeed bend, which produces another enigma as to why they bend, suggesting perhaps the presence of dark matter. In his book, "The Secret of Gravity",everything is defined in terms of electromagnetic forces and the electromagnetic fields. Further evidence shows that the field wave bends is provided, and it is also shown that the speed of light is exceeded by the rotating field wave. This result was not predicted through the use of Maxwell's equations, and this fundamental accomplishment has great scientific implications since the result is that these waves have motions in two orthogonal directions. This throws Einstein's theory into doubt, since it was based on the principle of spherical radiation!

Why electromagnetic waves bend: On the electron side of the center plane of a dipole, the potential field is negative, while everywhere on the other side it is positive. But what happens when the dipole is moved? When the two charges move through space while keeping the distance between them fixed, the the center plane of the wave must move with them. In "The Secret of Gravity", it is shown that three possible results can be obtained, and he eliminates two of the three by reasoning. The result is substantiated in his later books. If the transverse wave didn't bend, it would be possible to transmit information instantaneously to any location in space where the signal could be detected! You can prove this to yourself by solving the puzzle in the first link of this paragraph. If you reach a different conclusion, please contact me and we can discuss the subject.

There was a problem with the dipole model in the initial investigation. The falloff of the electric field of the dipole is third order, while that of the gravitational field is second order. The solution to this problem was described in the third book, "Secrets of the Atom". The Mesny equations for a dipole antenna show that a transition in field intensity occurs beyond the antenna, which produces a compression due to the bending of the field wave. The wave phenomenon can be visualized as a bending action that occurs in a thin metal rod that is perfectly elastic and bending in space. If such bending did not occcur, it would be able to send information to any distance without any time delay. Electric forces are much stronger than any steel rod and much more flexible. Lord Rayleigh had described such electromagnetic fields in a somewhat similar manner, and he used a bowl of jelly to simulate the aether as he waved a stick back and forth in it. The waves action that he pictured appear very similar to the computer plots of electromagnetic waves in "Secrets of the Atom".